Introducing Redbird Navigator

1 min read
Nov 10, 2015

At this years Migration Flight Training Conference we introduced a new operating system for our simulators, Redbird Navigator. With Navigator, you're able to use a tablet or laptop to wirelessly control and manage your Redbird AATD in a much simpler and intuitive way. As of November 1, 2016 it's installed on every new MCX, FMX, MX2, SD, and LD we ship. Navigator includes 3 powerful, but easy to use applications:

  1. Instructor Station - Used to operate and control the simulator environment.
  2. Dispatch - Launch and save flights, as well as start in a free flight mode.
  3. Sim Management - Easily update software, track billing, and open a case with Redbird support.

Current customers can learn more about upgrading to Navigator here.

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