3 Great Approaches to Get Your Blood Pumping

1 min read
Dec 4, 2015

Has it been a while since you’ve flown an approach? Ready to clean out those instrument-flying cob webs? Or just looking for a good challenge to keep sharp? Check out our three favorite (and challenging) instrument approaches to fly in the sim.

3 Challenging Approaches1. VOR-A into Culpepper Regional Airport (CJR)
The VOR-A approach is a good warm up. The Culpepper VOR is always very busy serving arrivals into Dulles Airport, so if you have an instructor with you, he/she can have some fun with busy radio communications and/or stacking you in a hold at the IAF. The real test is flying in IMC to minimums, getting down to the MDA, and then making a decision on how you will approach the runway for the circle to land.

2. VOR/DME RWY 15 into Martin State Airport (MTN)
This approach gives you some great practice with arcs – the entire approach is an arc, then execute the missed approach, another arc to the hold.

3. LOC/DME-E into Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (ASE)
This approach has a well-deserved reputation for its challenge. You fly near some serious mountain terrain and have to stay ahead of the numerous step-down fixes. When it’s time to go missed, you’ll track a localizer back course with correct sensing!

3 Challenging Approaches