Inside the January 2023 Redbird Pro Scenarios

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Jan 5, 2023
Editor's Note: On the first Thursday of every month, Redbird Pro releases new flight simulator scenarios designed to challenge pilots of all skill levels with relevant and realistic training that addresses several areas of proficiency. 

In this month's scenarios, you will be reminded of the duplicity of nature: beautiful to look at from above but brimming with unexpected curveballs that challenge your skills at the controls. Whether you're flying through the mountains on a sunny VFR day or high up in the clouds in solid IMC, you'd better be prepared for anything.

Both new scenarios are available today in the app's growing library of training tasks. Read on to learn more about the latest additions to Redbird Pro.

A Mountain Too Far

A Mountain Too Far (VFR scenario)

Mountain flying is beautiful, but it presents unique challenges that demand careful preflight calculations, weather analysis, and good old-fashioned common sense. Are you up for it?

Skill Level: Intermediate

Proficiency Areas: Aeronautical Decision-making, Stick and Rudder, Weather

Subscription Plan(s): Visual Pilot and Instrument Pilot

What's Your Vector, Victor?

What's Your Vector, Victor? (IFR scenario)

IFR flights require excellent planning, focus, and a willingness to adapt to evolving situations. Sometimes weather causes changes, and other times it's ATC. You'll experience one of those challenges on this flight. Get ready to roll with the punches.

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Proficiency Areas: Aeronautical Decision-making, Instrument Approach Procedures, Navigation

Subscription Plan(s): Instrument Pilot