Inside the June 2022 Redbird Pro Scenarios

2 min read
Jun 2, 2022
Editor's Note: On the first Thursday of every month, Redbird Pro releases new flight simulator scenarios designed to challenge pilots of all skill levels with relevant and realistic training that addresses several areas of proficiency. 

In this month's scenarios, you will experience a mechanical failure in unenviable conditions, grapple with your decisions when ATC services end just as you begin to approach a busy airport, and explore the psychological (and weather-related) challenges that come with flying over open water. All three new scenarios are available today in the app's growing library of training tasks. Read on to learn more about the latest additions to Redbird Pro.

One Snapped Cable - IFR 

One Snapped Cable (IFR) Scenario in Redbird Pro

This scenario may have a similar name to one we released in April, but it adds another layer of difficulty: solid IMC. Losing the ability to use one of your flight controls due to a mechanical failure is one thing when you can see the ground, but it is quite different on an RNAV approach with clouds near minimums. Learn what to do (and what not to do) to make this a survivable event.

Skill Level: Advanced

Proficiency Areas: Instrument Approach Procedures, Aeronautical Decision-MakingStick and Rudder

Subscription Plan(s): Instrument Pilot

I Think We're Alone Now

I Think Were Alone Now Scenario in Redbird Pro

Air Traffic Control is a dependable resource that provides you with separation from other aircraft—that is, until the tower closes. In this scenario, you will approach a busy regional airport at the moment ATC services end for the night. Do you know what to do? Do the other aircraft around you know what to do, too?

Skill Level: Beginner

Proficiency Areas: Aeronautical Decision-Making

Subscription Plan(s): Visual Pilot and Instrument Pilot

Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds Scenario in Redbird Pro

For some pilots, flying over open water feels like they are "caught in a trap and can't walk out." In this scenario, you will explore the psychological challenges of leaving land behind as you do a little island hopping in Hawai'i through weather (and visibility) typical in that part of the world.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Proficiency Areas: Aeronautical Decision-Making, Instrument Approach Procedures

Subscription Plan(s): Instrument Pilot