Introducing Redbird Pro

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Jul 29, 2021

General aviation pilots understand the need for proficiency, but they lack the time, money, motivation, and tools to do what’s needed. We aim to solve this problem with Redbird Pro, a new app designed to personalize proficiency training.

Redbird Pro uses machine learning to help you measure your proficiency and create and adjust a custom proficiency plan to support your progress. When you first download Redbird Pro, which you soon can do in the App Store or Google Play, the app will prompt you to complete a self-assessment and, if able, a baseline flight using a Redbird flight simulator. Redbird Pro uses this data to generate a Pro ScoreTM, which will be at the core of your personalized training plan.

Redbird Pro Dashboard on iPad and iPhone

"How would you like an app that will help you maintain flying proficiency by challenging you to work on things you’re rusty on or just not familiar with in the first place? And that app would do it in an easy-to-navigate, visually appealing and compelling way? No-brainer, right? That’s Redbird Pro."

-Isabel Goyer, Editor-in-Chief, Plane and Pilot

As you train with Redbird Pro, your Pro Score will give you an objective measurement of your progress and identify where and how you can improve your proficiency. It includes a broad overview of all your training activity and allows you to drill into specific skills and tasks, how much training time you should allot to them, and how you score for them relative to your baseline proficiency and objective. The app will automatically incorporate your training data and knowledge decay into your Pro Score, giving you a realistic and evolving view of your proficiency level.

Pro Score

Based on your Pro Score, Redbird Pro recommends the training that will have the greatest impact. The app includes an extensive catalog of training collections, each one developed to help you improve knowledge and skills in specific areas through articles, quizzes, skill refreshers, and flight simulator scenarios created and curated by expert flight instructors. In addition to original content, Redbird Pro incorporates content from leaders in the aviation industry such as the AOPA Air Safety Institute, Flying Magazine, Plane and Pilot, and more into your training plan. We are also working with these content partners to create training scenarios that you will be able to fly on a Redbird flight simulator.

Redbird Pro article

"Just as an app such as Duolingo encourages you to daily practice of a language, Redbird Pro gamifies the proficiency quest and rewards you for frequent engagement."

-Julie Boatman, Editor-in-Chief, Flying Magazine

You do not need access to a Redbird flight simulator to use Redbird Pro; you can read articles, watch videos, take quizzes, and brief, chair fly, and debrief scenarios with nothing more than a mobile device, tablet, or computer. However, flying scenarios with a Redbird simulator enables Redbird Pro to incorporate additional data into the Pro Score, which enhances your training plan and allows you to drill even further into the minute details of your flying. You will soon be able to connect your ForeFlight, CloudAhoy, and Pilot Partner accounts to Redbird Pro as well, allowing you to sync data from your logbook and debrief it in the app.

Redbird Pro Integrations With ForeFlight, CloudAhoy, Pilot Partner

Becoming a better pilot just got a whole lot easier. By personalizing, gamifying, and measuring your proficiency training, the daily improvement of your knowledge and skills becomes more achievable, enjoyable, and effective.

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