Redbird Pro: Introducing External Flight and Training Event Logging

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Jul 7, 2022

As a pilot, you build proficiency over time by working on your weakest areas. Every flight in an airplane, flight simulator session, safety seminar, and online course you take contributes to your current level of proficiency. Measuring that proficiency — and then recommending your next training tasks — is what Redbird Pro is designed to do. External event logging is a new feature that will allow you to see a more complete picture of your proficiency and help our algorithm make better recommendations.

What do you mean by "External Event Logging"?

Until this release, the only events your Pro Score had access to were those you completed in the app. Reading an article, taking a quiz, or flying one of the flight simulator scenarios or skill flights would all be recorded and used to update your Pro Score and generate your Training Plan. Now, in addition to those training events, you can get credit for any aviation-related event you complete outside of the app. These events include the following:

  • Airplane Flights (you know, like in the real world)
  • Simulator Flights (any non-Redbird Pro flights or even ... <gasp> ... simulator flights on something that is not a Redbird)
  • Ground Training (one-on-one with a flight instructor or an in-person class)
  • Online Courses 
  • Seminars (FAASTeam, AOPA Rusty Pilots, or anything else that helps you be a better pilot)
  • VMC or IMC Club Meetings
  • Other Training

You can log anything you want as long as it is aviation related. You will get Pro Score points — including a possible bonus for recency and frequency and the app will adjust your Training Plan based on what you log. All the training you do using the app will still be logged automatically.

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How are Pro Score points awarded for External Events?

We do not have a great way to measure your performance objectively for real-world flights and other events you complete outside of Redbird Pro, but that does not negate the importance of that training. When you enter an Airplane Flight or Simulator Flight, we will ask you for some details and have you rate your performance from Poor (😔) to Great (😀). We use the event details, your self-performance rating, and your current Pro Score to generate a score for that event. The score can range from a few negative points to about 20 positive points.

Log Airplane Flight in Redbird Pro

Logging an Airplane Flight in Redbird Pro

For non-flight events, we will ask you what topic(s) you covered in the training session and then add a modest point boost to that component of your Pro Score.

The scoring system is not perfect, and it requires you to be honest about your performance. However, if you use this feature correctly, it should provide a much more complete view of your proficiency. We are not finished improving this part of the app. So, stay tuned for more!

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How do External Events impact my Training Plan?

Once you log an event, your Pro Score will automatically update, and you will be able to see the event in your "Recent Activity" list on the Pro Score page. When your Training Plan (which includes your Reading List and your Training Tasks) regenerates, it will take into account the activities you logged and recommend items that best fit your current training needs.

Pro Score and Recent Activity list in Redbird ProExternal Events Shown in Pro Score

Is this a full digital logbook?

No. Do not use this feature for currency or to track your flying hours. There are several good options for that available on the market.

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Do I need to log events right away?

Nope! You can log events up to a year after they happened. However, for the most impact on your Pro Score (and, therefore, the best training recommendations), you should try to log events every two weeks or so.

Select a date for the event in Redbird ProSelecting a Date for an External Event

What's next?

We have several exciting features on our roadmap right now. Specific to event logging, we are planning to create an automatic sync function to bring in flights from your digital logbook. We are also exploring ways to provide an objective measurement of your performance in the airplane.


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