Introducing the Redbird Alloy YK2 and TH4

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Dec 22, 2021

 Since 2016, the Redbird Alloy line has brought professional-grade flight simulator controls into the homes of pilots worldwide. The Alloy YK1, TH1, TH2, and TH3 have allowed pilots to simulate general aviation aircraft ranging from a Cessna 172 to a Beechcraft Baron. Today, the versatile line of flight sim controls is expanding even more. We are pleased to introduce the Redbird Alloy YK2 and TH4 home flight simulator controls for Cirrus aircraft.

Developing these controls was a no-brainer for us. The Cirrus SR22 and SR20 are among the best-selling general aviation aircraft on the market and loss of control inflight is among the leading causes of fatal general aviation accidents. Pilots need an accurate, reliable, and readily available way to hone their stick and rudder proficiency for Cirrus aircraft even when they can't make it to the airport. With the Alloy YK2 and TH4, now they have one.

Alloy YK2

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Redbird Alloy YK2

The Alloy YK2 is a professional-grade flight simulator yoke designed to simulate the functionality and performance pilots know and love from their Cirrus SR20 or SR22. It replicates the unique side stick of a Cirrus cockpit, giving pilots easy and familiar command of their simulated aircraft. The Alloy YK2 includes all the same buttons and knobs pilots are accustomed to using as the pilot in command of a Cirrus airplane, including four-way trim, push-to-talk, and autopilot disconnect. 

The YK2 is designed by Cirrus pilots with the flight training needs of Cirrus pilots in mind. It gives them the tools they need to practice hand-flying with the pressure from their fingertips which can be an adjustment for pilots new to operating a Cirrus airplane. The Alloy YK2 also allows pilots to practice trimming the aircraft with their wrist muscles rather than using their entire arm as they would with a traditional center yoke.

With the YK2, Cirrus pilots who have a vectors-to-ILS approach in their future or who plan to fly through mountainous terrain can prime their hand-flying endurance on the ground before takeoff.

With the optional mounting arms, pilots can position the Alloy YK2 where they are accustomed to operating the side yoke in their aircraft. Therefore, they can practice procedures exactly as they would perform them in their airplane down to minute details like using their lap to review charts or approach plates. 

Alloy TH4

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Redbird Alloy TH4

The Alloy TH4 is a professional-grade throttle controller that gives a home flight simulator setup the same look, feel, and performance characteristics as the throttle quadrant of a Cirrus SR20 or SR22. It is designed to deliver all the features pilots enjoy in their Cirrus cockpit, including a takeoff/go-around (TOGA) button, flaps switch, fuel pump switch, and fuel tank selector lever. The Alloy TH4 even provides an adjustable friction knob that enables pilots to accurately simulate the throttle and mixture motion they experience in their aircraft.

The Alloy TH4 is the perfect companion for recurrent and transition training. It represents the details of a Cirrus throttle quadrant precisely helping pilots become proficient at operating within the distinct cockpit configuration of a Cirrus.  

Similar to a Cirrus cockpit, the throttle and prop of the TH4 are controlled by the same lever. As you push the throttle forward, you increase the prop speed as well. The flap lever is positioned next to the power lever, which changes the mechanics of a pilot accustomed to flying different aircraft during certain phases of flight (e.g. the climb-out). The TH4 is a new Cirrus pilot’s partner in adjusting to these simple changes.

The accuracy of the Alloy TH4 even allows Cirrus pilots to practice their preflight procedures. The inclusion of the fuel pump rocker switch, for instance, ensures that pilots must check whether the boost pump is on before takeoff.

Features designed with all home flight simulators in mind

Like the other flight simulator controls in the Redbird Alloy line, the YK2 and TH4 have plug-and-play compatibility with most flight simulation software devices running Lockheed Martin Prepar3d, X-Plane, and Microsoft Flight Simulator (including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020). A USB port at the back of the controls assures a straightforward connection to most laptop and desktop computers.

Alloy YK2 USB portAfter calibrating the controls, which only takes a couple of minutes, pilots will be ready to take their simulated Cirrus for a spin or, even better, for straight-and-level flight. 

Beyond getting pilots flying faster, Redbird Alloy controls keep pilots flying longer. The all-metal construction of the YK2 and TH4 makes the controls virtually indestructible. Paired with the Alloy RD1 rudder pedals, the Alloy YK2 and TH4 give Cirrus pilots everything they need to improve their stick-and-rudder proficiency for years to come.